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Hippeastrum roseumStems over 40 cm tall bearing star shaped rose- pink long lasting flowers 7 to 8 cm across. Excellent for cut flower.

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Remusatia viviparaCold tolerant and winter dormant. 2 days after the spathe opens it reflexes. Leaves of mature tubers can grow very large and broad which are very beautifully marked. The tubers are red in colour.

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Amorphophallus napalensisAnother easy to grow species from the Himalayas for the cold house, having a segmented leaf carried on a heavily mottled petiole. Although easily grown, they are hardly ever offered for sale. You can expect the tubers to produce a plant approximately 2 feet tall. They produce a beautiful yellow to apple green spathe with a matching cream spadix.
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Gloriosa GreeniiA special variety propagated by us in the nursery and flowers twice in the tropics. The colour is similar to G. lutea but is characterized by broad petals that does not have frilly edges. This is a rare deep lemon yellow variant produced and offered in limited quantities.
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Arisaema intermediumTrifoliate leaves and intense green spathe and very long spadix appendage. Grows to height of approximately 45cm. Cold hardy and excellent garden plant.
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Agapanthus umbellatusThe Blue Nile Lily. Blue flowers in large umbels borne on stems over 3 feet tall and good for cut flowers. Cold hardy and makes good subject for pots and rockeries.
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Tacca chanterii(Black Bat Flower). The rather weird looking 12 - 15 cm inflorescence arises during summer from a rhizome bearing 3 to 4 shiny, ribbed, green leaves that are very ornamental. The plant grows to a height of about 50 cm tall. In colder climates they make excellent pot plants if planted indoors in well-drained loam. The long lasting inflorescence are also good as cutflowers. Taccas are often referred to as Bat Flowers or Devil’s Whiskers.

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Tupistra nutans
(1 votes)
One of the most colorful plant on this planet and a relative of the banana family. The pendulous inflorescence reaches 3 feet and lasts for over 10 weeks makes excellent cut flowers too. Summer flowering.
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Cautleya gracilis 'Lutea'Flowering time May to August. The flowers are yellow to orange and borne on a spike 6 to 10 cm long. Tolerates cold. These are plants that belong to the Ginger Family. They are deciduous and start growing during spring and produce flowers that last over a month or more.

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Curcuma Bicolour WonderSuper selection with showy bracts that are white tipped with pink. The bracts which can grow over 15 cm holds tiny yellow flowers (see picture). The large leaves growing over 2.5 to 3 feet tall unfurl after the flower dies.

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Gloriosa rotschildinanThis is the real classic African Flame Lily, living up to its name. Flowers very striking with broad, crimson-scarlet recurved frilled petals and golden yellow base. Long lasting flowers in spring. Excellent for cutting.
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