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Arisaema griffithii Var Pradhanii2069 viewsThis variety was earlier described as A. pradhanii by Kew botanist C.E.C. Fischer in honour of Rai Saheb Ratna Bahadur Pradhan of Rhenock, Sikkim. It is much more ornamental, and is distinguished from the type by much larger, 18-25 cm wide spathe. The spadix appendage can be over 50 cm long.
Achimenes Himalayan Purple1478 viewsNearly 7cm. across, very long lasting flowers with streaked and spotted throat and very good substance. 20 cm. tall. Very compact and floriferous.
Hippestrelia Durga Pradhan1460 viewsWay back in the 1960s Mr. Udai C. Pradhan (Research Partner of our Company) , made a bigeneric hybrid between Hippeastrum species x Sprekelia formosissima (Also known as Orchid Amaryllis or Aztec Lily) and named the plant after one of his late grandfather, Durga Shamsher Pradhan, founder of the Chandra Nursery in Sikkim. The hybrid turned out to be an intermediate between the two parents in every respect and inherited the orchid-look of its pollen parent. H. Durga Pradhan makes excellent pot-plant and when grown outdoors in milder climates.
1417 viewsEarlier known as Lilium giganteum. This is probably the most magnificent plant from the Himalayan Region. The flower stems of this majestic plant is cut and united using it as a pipe to carry water in the villages. They have gigantic heart shaped leaves with a metallic sheen and grow upto 50 cm long. The tall. thick spikes produce numerous pure white flowers with purplish-maroon throat each measuring 15-18 cm long . A highly recommended, cold hardy garden plant. Excellent woodland planting material for cold areas.
Colocasia antiquorum Black Leaf Illustris1299 viewsThe leaves grow to about 12 to 15 cm long and is heart shaped and deep violet with emerald veins. The colour gets more intense when the leaf matures.Both the both the back and the front of the leaves are very lustrous. We love the plant with a bit of light at night, to see the real beauty of this plant ( see picture).

Hedychium densiflorum1078 views
896 viewsThis highly branched rhizomatic plant grows upto 4 feet high originates from the eastern Himalayas. The deep purple to violet coloured flowers are produced below the leaf canopy. Flowers during summers. Leaves very ornamental too.
Lilium longiflorum840 viewsThe stem grows upto 200 cm tall supporting a large white, fragrant trumpet shaped flower.

Amorphophallus bulbifer var Long Stem811 viewsA different cultivar of the bulbifer. It is distinguished from its stem which is over 1 feet tall and inner part of the spathe has more fills of pink color. Definitely a cultivar to try for the Amorphophallus lovers.
Arisaema utile761 viewsClosely resembles A. griffithii but the flowers are smaller. The spathe is evenly bronze to reddish brown in colour without clear reticulations. It has good fragrance! We recommend it for outdoor gardens in cold countries as it is very cold hardy.
Gloriosa rotschildinan756 viewsThis is the real classic African Flame Lily, living up to its name. Flowers very striking with broad, crimson-scarlet recurved frilled petals and golden yellow base. Long lasting flowers in spring. Excellent for cutting.
Cooperanthus hortenis 'Snow White'740 viewsA rare new albino form and first time release. Flowers in early autumn to produce 9 cm long, miniature amaryllis-like blooms of white flowers.
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