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Alocasia odoraThe inflorescence that is apple green and turns white as it matures is sweetly scented during the night. Heart shaped leaves held on tall upright petioles making an impressive display. Shade to full light loving. Cold hardy and very adaptable.
Amorphophallus bulbiferCertainly one of the most unusual, debatably beautiful and easiest of the Amorphophallus species to grow for beginner. Alternatively known as ‘Devils Tongue’ this interesting Aroid is worthy of place in any conservatory or mild climate. As with many Amorphophallus species the petiole pattern can be highly variable on bulbifer. The petiole is topped by a very ornamental divided leaf. To add to the excitement of this plant each leaf is edged with pink! The spathe is 10 to 15 cm long in shades of pink with green and brownish blotches. The standard size tubers being offered will produce foliage upto 1 meter tall.
Amorphophallus bulbifer var Long StemA different cultivar of the bulbifer. It is distinguished from its stem which is over 1 feet tall and inner part of the spathe has more fills of pink color. Definitely a cultivar to try for the Amorphophallus lovers.
Amorphophallus napalensisAnother easy to grow species from the Himalayas for the cold house, having a segmented leaf carried on a heavily mottled petiole. Although easily grown, they are hardly ever offered for sale. You can expect the tubers to produce a plant approximately 2 feet tall. They produce a beautiful yellow to apple green spathe with a matching cream spadix.
Aropsis peltataCompact shade loving Aroid. The plant grows upto 15 cms tall with leaces that are 6 cms wide. Produces flowers with deep brown spathe that is 3 cm tall. The bright green shiny leaves are very well textured.
Colocasia esculenta Black Magic'Black Magic' is also an elephant's ear cultivar which has unusual purplish-black leaves. The mature tubers produces plants that can grow from 3 to 6 feet tall. The huge foliage is almost heart shaped. Produces flowers with cream yellow spathe. Very adaptable and they withstand snow and frost and the tubers go dormant.
Colocasia antiquorum Black Leaf IllustrisThe leaves grow to about 12 to 15 cm long and is heart shaped and deep violet with emerald veins. The colour gets more intense when the leaf matures.Both the both the back and the front of the leaves are very lustrous. We love the plant with a bit of light at night, to see the real beauty of this plant ( see picture).

Colocasia esculentaThe name itself means edible. Grown world over as a food crop. The tuber matures in autumn when the plant goes dormant. Very lustrous ornamental leaves. The plant often reaches a height of 5 feet tall with leave growing as wide as 2.5 feet.

Colocasia esculenta Burgundy stemThe Jewel amongst the Elephant's Ear. Fantastic large leaves with wine red stem. Mature plants grown upto 6 feet tall leaves upto 2 feet wide. Definitely a plant to add more color to your garden.

Colocasia jenengsiiMedium size leaves of about 12 cms which is emerald green, peltate markings with purple blotches. The bracts are pale cream yellow and summer flowering. Beautiful foliage plant even when not in flower.

Remusatia viviparaCold tolerant and winter dormant. 2 days after the spathe opens it reflexes. Leaves of mature tubers can grow very large and broad which are very beautifully marked. The tubers are red in colour.
Zanthosoma saggitifoliaThe leaf petioles and tender new growth and tubers used as food. Tuberous rhizomes and with the gigantic, beautiful leaves are on long petioles. Large rhizomes flower which is white in color and turns yellow as it matures. Cold tolerant and evergreen.
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