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Arisaema costatumMagnificent red-brown spathes striped with white and a long whip-like spadix appendage extending almost to the base. Foliage green marked at the edges with red and ribbed beneath. A fine cold hardy species.
Arisaema consanguineumThis is a beautiful species which can reach an impressive proportions, over 4 feet tall. The beautiful green spathe ends with a long whip-like extension. The many segmented umbrella-like leaves drip with droplets of water from the morning dew . One of the easiest species and definitely cold hardy.
Arisaema concinnumA good hardy Arisaema to start with for the amateur grower. Very elegant, umbrella-like foliage with purple or green striped flowers. Cold tolerant.
Arisaema barnesii
Arisaema album
Arisaema jaquemontiiThe spathe is 10-15 cm long, light green with white longitudinal lines.The spadix appendage spreads upwards. A cold hardy and compact plant recommended for rock gardens.
Arisaema intermediumTrifoliate leaves and intense green spathe and very long spadix appendage. Grows to height of approximately 45cm. Cold hardy and excellent garden plant.
Arisaema griffithii Var PradhaniiThis variety was earlier described as A. pradhanii by Kew botanist C.E.C. Fischer in honour of Rai Saheb Ratna Bahadur Pradhan of Rhenock, Sikkim. It is much more ornamental, and is distinguished from the type by much larger, 18-25 cm wide spathe. The spadix appendage can be over 50 cm long.
Arisaema griffithiiThis one is, of course, the most astonishing of all the Himalayan Arisaemas. Very easy to grow as an outdoor woodland garden plant in cold areas. The spathe is large and beautifully ornamented. The spadix appendage can be upto 20” long.
Arisaema galeatumThe specific names originates from Latin galea meaning helmet. The spathe which is light green run by vertical white lines and recurves suddenly forming a helmet-like structure. Leaves trifoliate and above the inflorescence.
Arisaema utileClosely resembles A. griffithii but the flowers are smaller. The spathe is evenly bronze to reddish brown in colour without clear reticulations. It has good fragrance! We recommend it for outdoor gardens in cold countries as it is very cold hardy.
Arisaema tortuosumA very vigorous grower often 200 cm tall. Combines apple green to purplish green spathes with curved ascending stout spadix and magnificent foliage.
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