About Us
We are a small family of plants-people who grow most of the flower bulbs, tubers, rhizome, bamboos, bananas and palms offered in our farm located the Darjeeling Himalayas. To cater to the various markets with different climatic zones we have 2 nurseries. The sub tropical nursery close to the pictureesque River Relli Valley located at an elevation of 3000 feet. The alpine nursery is located high up in the mountains at an elevation of 7000 feet. In addition also have a new tissue culture unit where we have an annual production capacity of 1 million plants.
We have the expertise and experience in handling all items offered since four generations. All bulbs, tubers and rhizomes we offer are guarenteed to flower in the same season provided they are given proper treatment. Enjoy and add to the beauty of your home and garden fragrance, elegance and oddities of our Himalayan grown flower bulbs, tubers, rhizomes etc. If you are unable to visit our greenhouses, you can order by phone, mail, website. Kindly email us for our complete pricelist of our products.
We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you with new and rewarding plants for your collection.

Udai .C. Pradhan
Satyam . C. Pradhan